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Our goal is to make urban​ living more inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful and thriving

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Tenqyu is a technology company. We combine augmented reality, location intelligence, urban big data, and real-time streaming API's to build better urban experiences that make urban​ living more inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful and thriving.

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Accurate Geolocation

Wherever you may roam, we use adaptive location-aware intelligent technology the urban context adapts to you. Find easy car parks, play games, or explore your city.

Stunning Augmented Reality

Experience the world around you as never before. See your surrounding become alive through a stunning event driven sound and visionary overlay. Even without glasses.

Effective Content Management

How about a nice game? Engaging gamification on the go. Through the continually expanding app ecosphere of Project Stroma we provide quests, real-time games, leaderboards, and multi-location adventures.

Easy API Integration

The platform is always growing. We are integrating connected cars, IoT sensor frameworks,new real-time streaming parking data, and others continually. Giving you even more capabilities to understand mobility.


Tenqyu provides solutions for a wide variety of industries and their clients.

Leverage Location-Intelligence

A highly collaborative and secure urban experience platform Stroma is next generation urban augmentation.

Employ Machine Learning

State of the art technologies continuously improve data quality and find meaning in terabytes of urban usage data.

Make use of Urban Big Data

Our urban data frame combines a wealth of integrated real-time data sources in one repository for use by the stroma platform.

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Jan Daniel Semrau
Founder / CEO

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Jan 11 January, 2018

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Jan 25 November,2017

IoT in Retail — Top 3 Problems

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Jan 20 June,2017

The Surprising Longevity Of The Z-Score

It was Tuesday June 6th 1730 late in the evening when Abraham de Moivre stumbled out of a Covent Garden coffee house, still slightly disoriented...

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