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Augmented Reality

to create better urban experiences

Incredible solutions to create
beautiful, innovative, and integrated cities.

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Mobile solutions for
Better Living

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New Media for Smart Cities

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Smart Living

To create urban environments that are ecologically more effective, innovative and thriving.

Smart Sports

To help humans develop towards a healthier and agile life-style enabling integrated societies.

Smart Mobility

To ensure a efficient mobility solutions in the age of Asia's mega-metropolises and shared driving.

Smart Retail

To reduce boredom and work towards a funner, interactive, and wholesome shopping experience.

Why We Are The Best

We are on a mission

to make the world's cities inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful and thriving

Latest Projects
Web App
Web App
We are offering expertise in several cutting edge technologies
to help your city to become more soulful, innovative, and thriving.

Geospatial apps/Geofencing

Wherever you may roam, using GPS and map technology the available content adapts to the world around you. Find easy car parks, play games, or explore your city.

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Bluetooth Beacon Sensors

Bluetooth beacons are the rage du jour in the app world enabling immersive experiences without the privacy and battery concerns of traditional gps based apps.

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Augmented Reality

Experience the world around you as never before. See your surrounding become alive through a stunning event driven sound and visionary overlay. Even without glass.

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Content Management

How about a nice game? Among the continually expanding app ecosphere. Project Stroma supports quests, real-time games, leaderboards, multi-location adventures.

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Mobile means consuming content and requesting services wherever you are. Tenqyu has developed an ecosphere of apps to make your life funner.

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Every action in the game grid has a similar reaction in the real world. Enjoy an interactive engagement with characters in engaging story-lines that keep you entertained.

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